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On August 13, 1976, Geraldine Hunter-Hopson never knew when she gave birth to her first child that he would be the wellknown leader and creator he is today. But sure enough, DeMarco Loujuan Thomas, born to Kenneth Wade Thomas and Geraldine Hunter-Hopson, would indeed grow to be a face everyone from the Bay Area to Sacramento and beyond recognize. Born in San Francisco, California, DeMarco was no stranger to struggle, and responsibility early on in life. Being the eldest of a younger sibling, and having no father around, DeMarco at just the young age of eight had to step up and take care of his family when his mother became a drug addict. DeMarco had to play the middleman between his mother and her drug dealers, ensuring that everyone would get what he or she were owed, DeMarco did this while in elementary school! (Today, Geraldine Hunter- Hopson, has been clean from drugs for 14 years) DeMarco wasn't the best of kids in school, behavior wise. But he excelled tremendously in math. By his Junior year in High School he had earned a scholarship for computer drafting, but did not accept it because he dropped out of High School to make quick money to help support his family......

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Here's What they sayin about ya boi

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